First day!

Today is my official first day back on track with my eating! It feels so good to be able to say that. I had this huge schedule planned out for my first day, and it was all supposed to start by going to bed by at least 11PM last night. However, as I was about to go to bed the entire "Twitter World" were tweeting that Michael Jackson may have died, but that it wasn't confirmed yet. So, I of course couldn't head to bed! I didn't end up going to bed until 2AM. I am very sad that Michael Jackson passed away! I grew up with his music (As I'm sure most of you all did) and It brings back so many memories with listening to his music. Such a sad story! RIP Michael Jackson!

Anyway, because I didn't go to bed until so late I didn't end up waking up until 9:30 AM. Which isn't bad, but I wanted to be up by 7AM (Crazy!)

I started off my morning with a delicious smoothie! It had Orange, Pineapple, Mango and Passionfruit in it and I absolutely loved it! I've personally never liked Mango, and can't eat Mango on it's own but I've discovered that I like it mixed in a smoothie with other fruits.

For lunch I mixed up a very simple salad. We (Boyfriend and I) haven't had a chance to go grocery shopping yet for our Detox so I had to make do with what we had in the house. I added mixed greens, red apple, red onion, bacon bits, onion bits, balsamic vinegar and EVOO to my salad. It was delicious! It's been so long since I had a salad that I forgot how much I really do love them!

After lunch I took a shower and decided that my puppy named Miley (Pomeranian) needed a bath too. She tends to roll in her own pee sometimes, so it was definitely time for a bath! She looks so cute when she gets out of the bath all wet. She jumped onto my lap after running around like a maniac trying to get dry and fell asleep on my lap. Cutest thing ever! I managed to get a picture of her on my lap :)

I got really hungry at about 3PM so decided to have a snack. I cut up 1 whole wheat pita bread, 1 tomato, and a little cheese with some Moroccan style hummus on the side. I can never get enough of this hummus!! If you have never tried it Moroccan style, please do! It's the best!

My boyfriend came home from work and came in and surprised me with a smoothie he had made me. It consisted of strawberries, oranges, grapes, mango, pineapple and banana. PERFECT! :)

For dinner my boyfriend made me an Omelette. I wasn't very hungry so I just wanted something small. It had 2 eggs, cheddar cheese, ham, red onion, salt and pepper. Loved it!

I think I did pretty good today for my first day back. I'm not counting calories or anything like that, just eating when I'm hungry. I'd love anyone's input though on what they think of everything I'm eating. So feel free to leave comments :)

I've really been enjoying finding new blogs on here! So many amazing people who have lost so much weight and are making some really delicious looking foods. Will definitely be making some recipes I've found on blogs on here :)

Until tomorrow!


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  2. Mmm those smoothies look fantastic! Good luck with your detox! :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog BTW, going to add you to my blog roll.

    (Oh and FYI I deleted my first comment b/c I was logged in under a different user.)