Second day :)

I woke up at 11:30 AM this morning, but I felt really good. Did some work on Photoshop for my boyfriend for his work and wasn't sure what I wanted to make for breakfast. I remembered I had read Lynn's blog where she had posted a breakfast that she had the other day. It looked really delicious, so I thought I would have it for my breakfast. I changed what I had on mine just a little bit. It consisted of toast, Moroccan hummus, 1 tomato, 2 eggs, cheddar cheese, and salt and pepper. I really enjoyed it, and will be making it again except I wont be adding the cheese next time as I feel it's great without.

Today I had a roommate move in to the house that I'm currently living in. It was so refreshing to finally see a girl moving into this place! It's a 6 bedroom house, and I've never had another girl move in. At one point it was me and 7 guys living here (HORROR) so it was nice to see a girl walking through the door. It's typical though, because my boyfriend and I will be moving sometime before the 6th of July to a new place. So of course a girl moves in right when I'm moving out, but none the less it's nice!

For lunch today I had the same salad that I had yesterday, except I also added tomato's to it this time. Simple salad, but I really enjoy it. I also had a glass of Blossom Hill White Zinfandel with my lunch. Really wasn't planning on having it, but the new roommate offered me a glass so I just couldn't turn it down.

I spent all day with my new roommate at home, it was actually really nice.

For dinner I had a quick pasta which consisted of wheat noodles, canned tomato's, red onion, garlic, corn, green pepper, herbs, and cheddar cheese on top. It was very delicious :) I did have another glass of wine with my dinner as well, hehe.

Overall I think it was a good day! :)


  1. LMAO all day today I was craving Lynn's open faced sandwich!!

  2. Hey Kelly, thanks for stopping by my blog :) The job I'm going to be starting is a Early Childhood Educator at a child care centre, I'll be working with Senior Toddlers :) I just graduated from the program so going from Student to Professional is a huge change :)

    Your breakfast looks yum-o!

  3. 7 guys as roommates?!?! WOW that must have been messy.

    Love having a glass of wine on the weekends, just so relaxing!