Horrible day!

I started off my morning with having the same thing as yesterday. The Cinnamon Oatmeal Pudding which, just like yesterday, was great :)

I woke up at 5 AM this morning as I was planning on going to work with my boyfriend very early this morning. He had to drive 2-3 hours to a city called Essex in England for a job he had to do. I offered to come along with our dog to keep him company. When we finally got to the house he was working at (He's a drainage engineer) I was completely AMAZED at this house. It was MASSIVE and had the BIGGEST BACKYARD I've ever seen in my life. We were at this place for about an hour and I spent the entire hour wandering around the backyard with my dog Miley. When you first walk out to their backyard, this is what you see:

A giant Pond with a really cool Bridge going over it with nice trees surrounding it.

When you looked to the right of that pond, there was a small lake:

Those two pictures don't even show how big the backyard really was, but it was absolutely amazing.

Picture of the house:

I wish I could say that this house was mine. It was so huge! The back of the house goes really far back. The owner of the house had 2 Bentley's sitting outside the house. Wow. Amazing.

When we were heading back near where we lived, I pulled out some lunch I had made to bring with us. I had left over falafel from yesterday and a side salad. I had also brought with me some banana cake that I made last night. I love love love this cake so much! It's the easiest cake to make, and it's actually very healthy! One slice for me, and one slice for the boyfriend :) Yum!

Once we had been driving for a bit something went wrong with my boyfriends van and the Gears stopped working. It was really scary!! We had to pull over on the side of the freeway and call a tow truck. It took the tow truck 2 hours to get to us! It was BOILING outside today, and I had no water to drink (I had given the last of my water to my dog) and I felt like I was dying just being out for those 2 hours. Since I had nothing to do for those 2 hours my boyfriend and I spent most of our time playing Monopoly on my phone. As well as took a few pictures. Finally have a picture of Miley and myself. I look a bit grumpy though, but I was very hot and in a bad mood:

The tow truck finally came 2 hours later, but the tow truck was overheating so the guy had to have the HEAT turned on FULL BLAST the entire 2 hour drive back. Those 4 hours were complete hell! Once we finally got back to where we were dropping off the van, we still had an hour drive to do to actually get home. We borrowed my boyfriend's dad's van to get home, and I've never been so happy to lay in my bed! We don't have AC at the house I'm currently living at, so I'm drinking as much water as possible right now.

Oh, when the tow truck came to pick us up (boyfriend knew the guy) he offered to take us to the gas station to get some water and I was starving like crazy, but they didn't have anything healthy that I wanted. I ended up getting a sandwich that consisted of egg, oatmeal bread, seasoned mayonnaise and salad cress. The detox that I'm on right now, I can't have mayonnaise at all, and it made me feel really bad knowing I was eating it. When I start out on my detox I get very very into it and don't like to "cheat", but I had a bad day and needed to eat! It wasn't too bad though at least.

I'm not planning on really having anything for dinner tonight, as I've already had the falafel pita bread sandwich, a side salad, and another sandwich today and I'm really not hungry. I think I'll make myself a nice cold smoothie a bit later though! Hopefully tomorrow turns out better!


  1. WOW, what a beautiful home & yard!! I only wish I could have that someday!!!!

    Jeeeeeeeeez girl, your day sounds terrible!!!! Even though you say you look cranky, I say you look beautiful & your puppy is too cute! I would have given my pup the last of the water also! haha

  2. That house or should I say estate, looks awesome!!

    Ugh, I hate being hot. Sounds like you made the healthiest choice you could when you stopped for something to eat so don't feel bad, just move on and forget about it!

    Love the pic of you and your pooch! :)

  3. That house is amazing!! Your pup is adorable too!

  4. Cinnamon Oatmeal pudding sounds amazing. What a pretty girl you are by the way, and I agree with the poster above. That puppy is too cute. Have a good one!

  5. wow that back yard is gorgeous and your pup is uber cute!

  6. What a great blog!

    Have a nice time!